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For Reviewing

My friend and former colleague Alan Graham helped with spotting some of the errors I'd made so now there are fewer of them. Any that are left are my fault.

For Exception Filter Logging

The idea for extension methods for System.Exception that would enable logging from exception filters came from an article by Stephen Cleary:

The extension methods build on this recommendation to support further best practices such as the LoggerMessage pattern for high performance logging.

For Maybe<T>

The implementation of the Maybe<T> monad is based on a couple of articles for DotNetCurry by Yacoub Massad:

I'd been meaning to write a version of the Maybe monad and put it in a library wih some of the other things here for years, but might not have got it done if it weren't for Yacoub's previous work and the lockdown for COVID-19 giving me a little extra time!